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Bathroom Renovations St Kilda

Professional Bathroom Renovations

White Key Homes is the number one bathroom renovation specialist in St Kilda. Whether you’re looking to refurbish your current bathroom or completely overhaul the entire space, the White Key Homes team is here to bring your renovation ideas into reality.

Our service is all-encompassing, covering all aspects of your bathroom including the vanity, benchtops, fixtures, storage space, waterproofing and more.

With each project that we work on, we always do our best to minimise the disruption that our clients go through. When you work with White Key Homes, you can expect fast turnarounds and a stress-free experience. 

Contact us today by calling 0407 874 802 or emailing admin@whitekeyhomes.com.au.

Reliable Builders

As a registered builder with the VBA, we take our responsibilities as a local contractor seriously. From the quality of the build to the safety and well-being of the client, we always work hard to make sure that all aspects of the project are up to standard.

In addition, we always adhere to all Australian building standards and safety regulations to ensure that your property is safeguarded and to ensure that no one gets harmed during the process.

Comprehensive Kitchen Renovation Services - St Kilda

Aside from our quality bathroom renovation services, we can also help St Kilda clients with kitchen renovations.

With the help of White Key Homes, you can:

  • Optimise your kitchen layout for better flow and navigability
  • Maximise your space for a more open and inviting atmosphere
  • Improve your flooring in regards to safety, waterproofing, and aesthetics
  • Improve storage layout
  • Upgrade splashbacks, cupboards, benchtops and so on

We offer this service for houses of all sizes and styles.

If you’re in St Kilda looking to make your residential property more desirable and valuable, get in touch with the team at White Key Homes today.

Your Trust Home Renovation Specialists

If you’re looking for reliable home renovation experts, look no further than White Key Homes. To ensure that the renovation is completed to your exact specifications, we will maintain a constant line of communication with you all throughout the project.

From the preliminary designs to the final touches, we’ll be there to guide you through it all.

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